Loud Era is a historical slice-of-life fiction comic concerning a group of friends entering adulthood around the 1920s. On the way, they forge new friendships, face painful setbacks, and fight to evade their figurative demons. Some parts of the story are light and fluffy, while some are more dark and unsettling.
      The comic begins in 1917, and as such, contains some language, themes, and points of view that are now outdated and bigoted. In addition, there are also mature themes and dialogue from time to time (if at the time you're reading this, you haven't seen any, well, there will be), so don't let the cutesy style and big eyes mislead you.
      Loud Era is traditionally sketched, inked, and colored, and is then edited by computer using GIMP. Production of one update can take anywhere from a single day up to a week.


      Loud Era was first brought to the web in March of 2009. Since then, it has undergone many changes as the author learns more about little tricks to make things look nice on the shiny computer. The site was originally hosted at A mirror site was put up at SmackJeeves in October of 2010 in order to reach a broader audience. In March of 2012, the original site was moved to this current location, still on ComicGenesis.

THE AUTHOR & contact information

      I like drawing. You might perchance to guess that I like history, and you might be right! This comic allows me to smash both of those interests together in a disastrous and inconsiderate melée. I'm not the best researcher, so I do make anachronistic mistakes. Feel free to point them out if they are a bee in your proverbial bonnet by emailing me at lateralgeotaxis at You can also email me if you particularly enjoy or disenjoy the comic, or just to tell me about your day if you're a lonely sort of person.

Loud Era is hosted on ComicGenesis, a free hosting site for webcomics. 2009-2012 Michelle Mau.